PAGANI Statement

PAGANI hereby declares not to use illegal components to modify, so as not to violate the relevant traffic laws.


The models produced and sold by PAGANI are in compliance with the "Pollution and Noise Regulations", "Vehicle Type Safety Verification and Certification" and "Vehicle Allowable Energy Consumption Standards and Inspection Management Measures" announced by the government. All pollution and noise , The control parts of safety inspection all meet the requirements of laws and regulations.


1. Legal basis:

(1) Affecting driving safety: The provisions of Article 16, Subparagraph 1, Subparagraph 2 of the Road Traffic Management Penalty Regulations stipulate that "unauthorized additions, subtractions, or changes to the original specifications affect driving safety" are for vehicle owners over NT$900 and 1,800 Fines below yuan.

(2) Making noise: Article 43, paragraph 1, paragraph 3 of the Road Traffic Management Penalty Regulations stipulates that the driver of a car shall be fined between NT$6,000 and NT$24,000 for “removing the muffler or causing noise by other means”, and It was forbidden to drive on the spot.

2. Banning standards:

(1) Exhaust pipes are replaced by vehicles due to old age or other reasons. The exhaust pipes are not high and the tail pipes are level, which will not affect the safety of pedestrians and will not be listed as banned objects (not restricted to the original factory).

(2) In addition, it is illegal to modify the exhaust pipe without installing anti-scalding heat insulation device or removing the silencer.

(3) Other if there are lights (including illegally modified HID headlights and taillights, brake lights, direction lights... etc. that do not comply with road traffic safety regulations), number plate holders, fender removal, handle changes, unilluminated rear mirrors …And other non-compliance behaviors shall be banned based on actual conditions.

(4) The noise part is based on the environmental sound volume of the blocking location, and noise detection is performed on the modified vehicles that are blocked. The noise value measured by the Environmental Protection Agency is used to evaluate whether the noise generated by the motor vehicle will be Environmental tranquility is affected. If the detection volume is more than 10 decibels higher than the on-site environmental volume, the detected value will be provided to the on-site police as a reference for banning.